Past Council Events

One Hope, One Message, One Dream the CFSID’s National Conference was held October 23rd to 26th in Niagara Falls, Ontario with the goal of bringing together professionals and families to address Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) or (SUD).

The objective of the conference was to create and conduct an educational program that provided knowledge and skills to healthcare professionals and educators to support families and infuse risk reduction methods into their practice, comfort and hope to bereaved families and created one consistent message through a venue focusing upon current and “best practice models” encompassing public health initiatives, research activities and bereavement needs and services.

A very special thank you to the conferences guest speakers; Fern R. Hauck MD., MS., Rachel Moon, MD., Darcie D. Sims, PHD. CHT, CT, GMS, Judy Cranwill and Ian Mitchell MD for their expert information and support in delivering this educational event.

Team Baby’s Breath a HUGE Success!

On May 24th and 25th, 17 runners from all across Canada each made their way across their finish lines as part of Team Baby’s Breath at the Cabot Trail Relay Race in Nova Scotia. 185 miles were completed in 26 hours, and with every passing hour more and more spectators knew who Team Baby’s Breath were, and what they were representing.

When the idea of a National Fundraiser presented itself, the CFSID saw it as an opportunity to make our Foundation known. Planning was put in motion, and in no time, 17 eager runners representing every Province and Territory hopped on board of Team Baby’s Breath, all agreeing to raise a minimum of $1000.00. To date, $32,000.00 has been raised, and money continues to come in.

The goal of the race was not to have the fastest times, or place within the top ten, but to raise awareness of the CFSID, SIDS and to raise funds to keep our programs running. In an emotional memorial service the night before the race, Team Baby’s Breath, along with Blowing Kisses, were all reminded of the reasons they were running.

The CFSID is anxious to get started on next years Team, and with all of the knowledge gained from this experience we will surpass the money raised this year, and be ready for any challenge thrown at us at next years race, whether that be a moose sighting at midnight, or staying up all hours of the night cheering on every team member, we’ll be ready for anything.

Being apart of the Cabot Trail Relay Race, is a memory that I am sure no one will ever forget. The beautiful sights seen, the laughs heard, and the memories captured will be something each runner and volunteer will keep with them in the years to come.

A special thanks to the Campbell family for all of their help in making sure our runners got to where they needed to be, Margie MacLeod for driving over 24 hours to keep our runners safe and to all of the Board Members for all of their help and enthusiasm, without all of you this race would not have been possible.

Council Events

CFSID is proud and grateful for all the support we receive from our local Council across Canada.  Each Council is unique in their fundraising efforts and there is never any pressure or expectations placed upon the Council.  Every dollar is important and each dollar is more than we had yesterday.

Whatever way you decide to support CFSID will be greatly appreciated. We will happily supply you with resources, advice and information, as well as a speaker if possible.

Council Fundraising Ideas:

· Theme-Based Quiz Nights 

· Appeals To Members of your community

· Bingo

· Auctions

· Talks

· Raffles

· Barbeque Parties

· Charity Golf Days 

· Casino Nights

· Battle of the Bands

· Sponsored Cycles, Fun Runs, Marathons or Walks

· Garage Sales

· The list is limitless!