Gritton, Justin Corey

Heaven’s Child

I would not like you to cry
It’s just a part of life to die
I know you miss me and you’re sad
But dying isn’t something bad

I’m only just beyond your sight
I ‘ve gone with the angels to the light
I send to all of you my love
From Heaven’s gardens up above.

I like it here, I’m having fun
And I am with the Holy one
I am sitting on His knee
With Jesus watching over me.

So when you think of me please smile
For I will see you in a while
Trust the Lord, don’t ask Him why
He wants me here to paint the sky

With rainbows, clouds and shining lights
To brighten days and warm your nights
Remember what I said before
Please don’t cry for me any more.

I am Heaven’s Child you see
I play with Angels surrounding me
I can fly with the speed of thought
To be with you when you think I’m not

So please remember I love you
And I know you love me too
And even now, while we’re apart
I’m still right here – I’m in your heart.


Dear Justin:

It been a month since you passed away. I don’t know why, but I know you are in God hands, safe from harm. Myself and daddy miss you everyday. The apartment is so quiet without you. We pass by Santa in the mall and we picture you on his lap pulling his beard. Next month will be your first birthday. I pray to God that you will come and see me and daddy. We both miss you so much.

God please take of my Justin

Love mommy and daddy
Dear Justin:  Jan5/06

It’s been two months since you passed away, and tomorrow is your birthday. I am going to make you a chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Justin my heart is aching for you. I don’t understand why you passed away but I know that you have a piece of my heart (A Big piece). There was so much darkness in my life before you were born, but when you were born you took that all away. You were God’s gift to me, I know that now.

I love you so much my little angel.
Happy Birthday
love Mommy and Daddy
Dear Justin:

I am so sorry that I haven’t wrote you in so long, maybe I just didn’t know what else to said. Justin, I keep asking myself why did you died, I really don’t know why. You were find when I left for work that night, if only I stay home that night maybe you would still be here. I am so sorry I didn’t do anytime, I shouldn’t have left you alone that night.

love mommy
Dear Justin:

Its been six months since you passed away. I just don’t understand why you died, you were an healthy baby boy. I just took to the doctors a week prior to your death, I wish God would call me home, so I can play with you, watch you grow up. I love you so much, my little angel.

love mommy