Hailey Deborah Anne Witherspoon-McFarlane

July 19, 2004 – Augest 27, 2004

A song for Hailey (mp3 – 3.57mb)
Grandma’s Little Angel

You were a gentle breeze touching our cheek,
As we gaze upon the brightest star on a warm summers night,
Or the most perfect of snowflakes nature can make.

A meadow of wildflowers dancing in the morning dew,
And a cry as wee as a newborn lamb.
Skin softer then the finest silks,
You sunggled so cozy and warm,
That our hearts melted a little more each time.

We gazed upon your perfact wee face,
And we smiled with a joy that words cannot express!
But, like the most beautiful of butterflies your stay with us was much too brief.

And when a tiny bell tinkled our wee angel got her wings!

We love you dear wee HAILEY

BIG MAMMA KISSES xoxoxoxoxoxxxx