Dixon, Prince Maximus

Sept 18, 2009 – Dec 17, 2009

Mommy, Daddy, Caidyn, Bryce, your cousin Ethan, Pake, Beppe, Nana, Papa, Grandma and Grandpa, and all of you Aunts and Uncles miss you an love you so much.

Oh, Angel of God
My Guardian Dear
To Whom God’s Love
Commits thee here
For ever this day
Be at My side
To light and guard
To rule and Guide.

They say the hardest thing in life for a mother is the lost of a child. I strongly agree to that.

Prince left us on Dec.17th. So suddenly. I would never forget that morning, I seen you. It’s been 13 long days without you.
Mommy misses you so much. I miss holding you in my arms, you’ll fall asleep, and I miss your soft black hair, your beautiful brown eyes, and your adorable cheeks.
As the days go by; Mommy misses you more and more. I know that you are in God’s hands and are watching over us from Heaven above,
You will never be forgotten and always be forever loved.
I remembered all the times that we had together, your first words hello and boo because we would always play peek-a-boos.
I miss holding you in my arms and telling you I love you every night, and giving you sweet kisses goodnights.
I miss the sound of your cries; I do hear them all the time. But I can’t come to you, you are in a different place, that tears me up deeply inside.
You have the 2 most beautiful big brothers who loves you so much wanting to play with you while your awake or not.
They would say “Mommy I love baby Prince” I would tell them go tell Prince let him know and give him a kiss. You have the best big brothers ever! That will always forever love you.
They miss you so much. King wondering where have you been, we tell him you’re in Heaven, He asking, Can we pick him up, is baby Prince Okay, Can we go visit him in Heaven please?
You were here with us for a short time. 71 days total. 20 days in the hospital and 51 days with us. I wished it was forever.
I was looking forward for summer Family time, all 5 of us. All of us, going to the beach, and at the park, playing in the sand, pushing you down the slide and the swing, laughing with you. Just enjoy every moment with you and your 2 brothers.
Spending family time together, playing basketball with daddy, playing catch, doing everything. Watching you grow, your milestones, first tooth, first step, first birthday, first everything. I don’t get to see any of that. That’s what makes it hard. It hurts me inside that you are gone and out of my life.
You were getting big as the days went by. I tell myself I have the 3 most beautiful kid’s by my side. Loosing you, I lost a part of me. I feel so empty inside; a part of me is gone. I cry and can’t sleep at night because I wished you were here right back in my arms and by my side.
I have my fears, Wondering If you are okay and alright, maybe crying for me to hold you wondering why I am not coming, but mommy is not there where you are to protect you I wished I was there for you.
I know we will see you some day, and you are waiting for us at Heavens gate. We will see you again and be together once again till the very end.
You are a beautiful angel watching over us. We miss you very much. Mommy and daddy loves you so much, I miss you so much wished you were here with us.
You are always on my mind, my thoughts, in my dreams and of course in my heart. Always be remember and never forgotten.
We lost you in our lives but we truly gain an angel watching over us