• Peer Support & Resources
    Peer Support & Resources
    The loss of a child is devastating, and difficult for many to relate to. Your sorrow and sense of loss are well understood by the families associated with our Foundation.
  • What is SIDS, SUDC, and Stillbirth?
    What is SIDS, SUDC, and Stillbirth?
    The term SIDS is used when all known causes of death have been ruled out. It refers to a group of infants who, although they looked healthy, died suddenly and for which a known cause of death could not be found.
  • Make a Donation & Support Baby's Breath
    Make a Donation & Support Baby's Breath
    Your generosity allows us to continue to support families across Canada through the most difficult time in their life.

Our new Grief Journal is now available!

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Journal de deuil d’un enfant

Baby’s Breath Serves and Advocates on Behalf of Canadian Families Who Have Experienced the Tragic Loss of an Infant

For over 50 years, Baby’s Breath has been Canada’s only national foundation focused on SIDS, and more recently also dedicated to supporting families and encouraging research aimed at reducing all sudden and unexpected infant deaths including stillbirths. The death of an infant is devastating not only for the parents, but for the entire family. Siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends are all affected by the sudden death of a baby. Baby’s Breath believes no one should endure the grief of such loss alone. Our foundation and volunteers are here to help.

What is SIDS, SUDC, and Stillbirth?


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Real Canadian Families Who Have Lived the Unthinkable

SIDS is the number one cause of death in babies under the age of one. Yet little research is being done in Canada to help understand why these babies die. Hear these real Canadian families who have lived the unthinkable. Help us raise awareness, share this video.

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