Michael Alexander Saunders

Feb. 08, 2009 – June 28, 2009
Michael, I cant believe that you are gone. We miss you so much. You are our miracle Angel and will be forever in our hearts. I want you to know that we will always love you Soooooo much. Your sister will Miss ya forever.

This night I lay me down to sleep
I give the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take
Four corners of my bed
Four angels over head
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Bless this bed I lay upon
I lay my head on our lady’s knee
Jesus come this night and save me
Heart of Joseph I adore thee
Heart of Mary I implore thee
Heart of Jesus pure and just
In those three hearts I place my trust.

I would like to share my story. Let Michaels Memory helps someone else.

Michael Alexander Saunders, was our miracle angel, We tried to have a baby for 7 years, after trying different medications and treatment we decide to go in-vitro, we conceive a beautiful baby girl name Gabriella, after that the doctor told us we wasn’t going to be able to have an other one so we just pray and pray until on June 12, 2008 we found out we was expecting Michael, right after 5 months of having our beautiful daughter, at first was just so unreal we was so happy to find out that we were having a baby boy, we had some many dreams and then on Feb 8, 2009 our beautiful baby boy came to this world, I was in labor for 4 days. My water broke on a Thursday but when I went to the hospital the nurse just send me away. We were so worry but on Sunday Feb 8, 2009 finally I got induce after a few hours Michael was born, it was the happiest day of our life, he was so beautiful and full of life even though we was really stress from the birth, I mean his blood cord was short and dry, but we didn’t think too much about it, a few months went by and Michael was growing well and Happy, he was so beautiful. We was in top of the world I had everything we ever wanted, Good job a beautiful family, What else could I asked???

Until June 27, 2009 at 8 pm we give the kids a bath both of them went to bed well. I give Michael his bottle, and pray like we always did, at 11:00 I went to check on him cause the next day we were going to the beach so I though I should get the clothes ready for him and his sister, he was sleeping peaceful. Until the Next morning at 9:30 am My little girl was crying so we woke up and I went into the my daughters bedroom, everyday I usually I went to Michaels bedroom cause he cried but that morning he didn’t, so I enter my girls room, I was so happy to see her smile right away, I finished changed her when I thought I should go to Michaels room, as I enter I saw his leg and arm hanging from his crib, I told him what he was thinking he was doing??? But he didn’t answer as I got to the crib and turn him over (He never slept in his Back until that day) I saw he was pale and really cold, I call his name and screaming I call my husband, as he came he saw his poor son. He took it and put in our bed as he was giving him CPR but wasn’t working while he was doing that I was trying to call 911 but at first no one answer then I tried again until finally someone answer and I told them to please sent the ambulance, that my son wasn’t breathing and his lips was blue, the came as soon as they could, I was holding my daughter while they worked to bring my baby back. After 30 minutes they manage to have a small pulse, the rush him into the hospital. As soon as we got there someone took him and put him in a hospital bed, I was unable to see him for a while. I was so sad I could it believe that was my son, I walk into the room and he was in this bed with lots of cables everywhere a few minutes later my husband got to the hospital, We both were crying. My daughter was there too unable to understand why her little brother wasn’t waking up, a few hours later they transfer my son to the children Hospital in Edmonton, as we got there the doctor got to do a scan of his brain, He told us that his Brain was really damage, at first I didn’t understand what that meant, after a few hours there the doctor told us that the priest was there to Baptists my son, I was so sad about it cause I knew that he wasn’t going to get better, after that all the family starting to come to the hospital, we all were there, I couldn’t handle anymore, so I left the room.

When I came back Michael still laying down in there without response. I asked the nurse if it was any changed but she reply, NO. We slept in the room praying and hoping that he would wake up but nothing, Until the Next morning. The doctor came and checks on Michael, he had this weird look in his face, I asked what is wrong??? He answer…I am sorry but it nothing also we could do? He is not responding to the treatment, the only reason he is breathing is because the machine is keeping him a life but he is technically brain death. My eyes couldn’t take it anymore, so I asked if I could hold my child, he told me that was ok. George and I were holding Michael when we decide that was enough we had to pull the plug…..after the doctor came. And he took Michael out of the breathing machine. A few minutes went and then I can see Michael color was coming back but after a sec he was gone…..My life, my angel was gone. I can’t believe this. As I yelled, I went into chock. As we left the hospital. all I cant think was my baby boy was gone…We came home just to find out a empty crib, I want to take that crib and break it…I couldn’t even see it…My brother in-law came and took it apart. Now he was gone for good….On July 4 Michael was put to rest. I am so sad…I don’t know how to feel I am angry at my self. I feel like I can’t go on. I don’t want to be in this world anymore.

All I want is to hold my baby. He was my life, my reason, my miracle..And in matter of minutes he is gone. How do I suppose to live now? I do have a daughter but I can’t even look at her the same way. I am mad at the fact that she cried first. At the fact that I didn’t open Michaels room first…Why???? Why didn’t he cry? Why had to be him???…..But Now I see that God just need it another angel in his Garden. I Miss my little boy so much, I couldn’t ever begin to explain you, but I do feel in peace knowing that he is in a better place and one day we all be together again.