Grant, Keagan Elizabeth

March 20, 2005 – August 25, 2005

On August 25th, our hearts stopped,
Suddenly the world dropped,
Our girl of innocence and love,
Was sent to the sky like a pure white dove,

As her angel flies high her parents weep,
No longer theirs to hold and to keep,
But though there is sorrow and though we will mourn,
We must not forget the wonderful time since she was born,

With her big smiles and funny giggles,
The silliness as she wiggled,
A girl with a huge personality willing to share,
Even though her voice might not have been quite there.

She was loved more than anyone,
Though her physical life may be done,
When the sun beats down, it will be her smiles,
Her Laughter and energy will be the thunder and the lightning that can be heard for miles.

And the rain our tears,
So that we will never forget the life through the years,
The life of Keagan Elizabeth Grant,
The greatest angel the world ever was sent.

Love always and forever,

Your Aunt Catherine Ridout (16 years old)