Currie, Kaden Thomas

Aug 16, 2007 – Oct 16, 2007
I wanted to hold your sticky little hand

As we walk through the park

To hear you squeal as I push you high on the swing

And you say “One more time Grammy”

As I caught you at the bottom of the slide.
I wanted to watch you splash

In the wading pool in my backyard

and to lay on our backs in the cool summer grass

and talk about the shapes that clouds make.
I wanted to lift you from the tub and wrap you in a towel

Holding you close as I pat you dry

And hear you beg for one more bedtime story before I turn off the light.

I wanted to watch you grow from a baby to a young man.

To comfort you after your first heartbreak and to cry on your wedding day.
I wanted to Much…