Hopkins, Corey Kenneth Luther

March 21, 1988 – September 9, 1988

Since I lost you,
My life has not been the same.
Since I’ve lost you,
I often speak your name.

Since the day my heart broke,
It hasn’t beat the same,
It still hasn’t mended,
Most days I feel insane.

In the night, you’ll hear me cry,
For the day and life with out,
It is hard to pick up the pieces,
Every day it’s filled with doubt.

To have you, changed me
In more ways then one could know.
I was lost – then there was you,
Who showed me which way to go.

God must love me, so I thought,
To give me an angel so true,
To love and hold and find my way,
He gives this gift to few.

Like a thief in the night,
I awoke and you were gone,
God came and took you back,
To home where you belonged.

No final I love you,
No time for even goodbye,
God took you home,
And I will never know why.

Was it something I did,
Or something I didn’t say,
Oh my precious Angel,
My life will never be the same.

Corey… I miss you so much. I love you.. Goodbye baby… see you on the other side.