Magoon, Ronald Lee

January 15, 1988 – March 7, 1988

A Thousand Tears for Coyote
By Gordon Magoon

A thousand tears for Coyote
Were cried that very night
Before they came
And took him from our sight

When next we saw him
In a casket white with lace
We gazed upon the beauty
of his little infant face.

There he lay in his Winnie the Pooh shirt
And white bonnet so neatly tied
The sight was so overwhelming
That even the strongest among us cried

All his loved ones and friends were there
When we laid this little one to rest
And another thousand tears
From the ones that loved him best

He was Grandpa’s bestest buddy
No doubt about that, you say
But he was taken from Grandpa
Before we had a chance to run and play

We were going to fish the rivers
And camp under the starry sky
Now all I can do is visit
Your little grave and cry

There were seven Spanish angels
I heard Old Willie say
Riding though the valley
When they took my Coyote away

You’ll always be my bestest buddy
From now ’til the day I die
And now every time i think of you, Coyote,
I’ll break down and cry

There was so much I wanted to tell you
So much we had to say
I know you didn’t understand much
Before you went away

Seven weeks was not
A whole lot of time, you see,
But I hope you understood
How much you meant to me

I gave you your nickname and
I remember that beautiful day
The first time I saw you
I knew it had to be that way

A thousand years for Coyote
And a few million more
Before they come for me
And carry me through life’s door