Morgan, Kayla Elizabeth

Oct 16, 1990 – Aug 26, 1991

I began this poem what seems so long ago
However, I couldn’t finish it though
I had to wait for another day
When it was easier to wipe my tears away

The birds are still singing
The sun is still shining
There’s not a cloud in the sky
But my life has never been the same
Since the day we said goodbye
Our goodbye was so unexpected
Whoever thought it would happen this way
That I’d wake one summer morning
and your smile wasn’t there to brighten my day
It’s almost been a year since you’ve been gone
But my memories of you are what keeps me strong
I still wake up every morning hoping you’ll be there
But all I have to remember you by are your pictures that I stare.

Now almost five years have gone by
Since we said our last goodbye
You are still and always will be part of my life
But the pain that I feel losing you still cuts like a knife
The day your were born has changed my life in so many ways
And I’ll always remember you and our happier days
At night I look up to the stars and all I see
Is how much it is you still mean to me
You will always have a special place in my heart
And always remember KAYLA we are never far apart.

Your little brother Ryan and I and all those who love you
miss you very much and wish you were here with us.

Love you always and forever
Mommy XOXO