Oakes, Jordan Alexander Onisokwa

December 2, 1990 – March 22, 1991

A Mother’s Love Is Endless

It was like God gathered all of our family together in his own loving way. They had all just arrived, some from far away. It was for a surprise shower and Mom never knew. Then you surprised us all by arriving a week before you were due. I held you in my arms and you fit like a glove. Such a precious baby boy I knew forever I would love. You were my little sweet pea, just for a little while. Those big blue eyes and you always had a smile. My precious little boy, you would now be a man. My arms still ache to hold you until that day comes when I can. Forever in my heart and always on my mind. You’re Mother’s love is endless and will be with you all the time.

Love & Prayers;